Remote Sensing Engineer
Contract Spacebel SA | Liège
Level Medior Dept Geospatial Information & Systems

Technical Leaders / Software Engineers JAVA
Contract Spacebel Vlaanderen | Hoeilaart
Level Medior Dept Mission & Control

Software Engineer JAVA
Contract Spacebel Vlaanderen | Hoeilaart
Level Medior Dept User Segment

Software Project Manager
Contract Spacebel SA | Hoeilaart
Level Medior Dept Modelling & Simulation

Virtualisation - benefit for development process
Contract Spacebel Vlaanderen | Hoeilaart
Dept Modelling & Simulation

Stage - Démonstrateur technologique 3D
Contract Spacebel SAS | Toulouse
Dept Simulation

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Why Spacebel?

Sector Together WorkLife
Attractive Sector Happy Workplace Work-Life Balance
Wouldn’t it be cool to join a company that is linking Man and Space? At SPACEBEL it is possible, even if you are not a Space science graduate. The Space industry is a highly challenging and demanding business requiring innovative ideas, state-of-the-art technologies and top level quality. Start dreaming about the Universe… SPACEBEL is one big family where all members support one another and often spend time together at sports events or having a meal out. Our managers are very approachable, working with their office door open and always ready to coach and discuss. Team spirit, respect and an overall good atmosphere ensure a positive work environment. Even if work-life balance means something different to every individual, two concepts are important to ensure an effective work-life balance: daily achievement of your tasks in combination with enjoyment. To the best of our ability, we try to make sure that our employees are feeling satisfied, proud and good at work… and at home. Respect for your private sphere and the crucial things in life is a fact at SPACEBEL.